Counter space: design & the modern kitchen – A welcome surprise during my visit to MoMA

A trip to New York always means a trip to MoMA, which could easily be my favourite art museum and also my ideal New York apartment – one with an amazing outdoor terrace and where I could live amongst beautiful objects everyday 🙂

When we went this time, there was a very interesting exhibition about design and the modern kitchen – how fitting for my foodie adventures in New York!

Fjord Flatware – I want it.

The exhibition was made up entirely of MoMA’s own collection, which was impressive for me since they were able to put it all together in such a cohesive story. The exhibition basically follows the history of kitchen design from the 1920’s to the post war era. It was interesting to see how the kitchen as a space in the family home has evolved over time.

We saw a model of ‘The Frankfurt Kitchen’ that was designed and rolled out en-mass in Germany for social housing developments during the 20’s and 30’s. The kitchen was designed to be a laboratory-like food factory, which was functional, small and tucked away inside the home – Food mustn’t have been shared socially like it is today and I feel like it must’ve been regarded more as nourishment than enjoyment with this type of kitchen.

Next, ‘the New Kitchen’ emerged. This kitchen was one shaped by technological advances and research into new materials like aluminium, which in part revolutionised appliance design.

And finally the post war kitchen. This was much more like the kitchen we see now – a spacious, labour-saving room that has become more of the focal point of the home.

I’m glad the kitchen has become the most social place in the home. To me, the best part of life is about sharing and cooking food with friends and family and I can’t see myself enjoying this in the Frankfurt Kitchen!

If you’re in New York and you’re a foodie, I really recommend seeing it:

Counter Space: Design & the Modern Kitchen
The museum of modern art (MoMA) NY
September 15, 2010 – March 14, 2011

PS: I’ve just bought a domain name for my blog How very exciting! Viva melting butter! 🙂

7 Responses to “Counter space: design & the modern kitchen – A welcome surprise during my visit to MoMA”
  1. SOMMER@ASP says:

    It sounds exciting! I’ve never been.

  2. junko says:

    What a beautiful flatware! I want it too.

    By the way, I love your site name “melting butter”. It’s pretty.

  3. LouiseG says:

    Love the domain name! One of my favourite quotes is “if you have enough butter, anything is good” – Julia Child of course! Loving the stories of food and adventure from the other side of the world !

    • jennynoowyn says:

      thanks Louise! Butter does go with everything…esp melting butter 🙂 Have a big backlog of NY stories to still write about but good thing is it means I can give cooking blog worthy meals a break for a bit!

  4. elra says:

    Oh I love this museum, been there with my husband and my son. My son really enjoyed the tour as well considering how young he was at the time. Thanks for sharing !

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