Foodie detours of the Barossa Valley #1: Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop

A visit to Australia always means a visit to one of its countless wine regions and a visit to any wine region normally calls for visits to numerous local foodie icons. This year, on our Barossa Valley wine-drinking odyssey the first pit stop on the foodie schedule was Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop.

This off-the-beaten-track foodie icon is Maggie Beer’s HQ – home to her entire range of gourmet food and wine produced in the Barossa Valley, a wonderful restaurant selling picnic fare which can be enjoyed on the water and also to the studio kitchen for The Cook and the Chef, her iconic TV programme which celebrates Australian food and its culinary traditions.

We watched cooking demonstrations in The Cook & the Chef’s studio kitchen

Our eyes widened with pure delight after each bite of our homemade pheasant and porcini mushroom terrine with Maggie’s Cabernet Sauce. It was the sauce that made this dish. It had serious ‘wow’ factor – so much that I would pay some serious shipping money if they would actually send it to Holland.

We also indulged in the pheasant farm pate picnic basket, which was served with caramelized onion, freekah salad and wood oven bread and for dessert we had a seasonal fruit tart with the thickest, richest, freshest Jersey cream on the planet – think clotted cream, only with a stickier, gooier texture.

Seasonal fruit tart with Jersey Fresh Cream was extra delicious with Maggie Beer’s strawberries & cream icecream 🙂

If you’re touring the great Barossa Valley, visit this home-grown Australian foodie hero and you won’t be disappointed. Maybe you’ll be as lucky as we were and run into Maggie Beer herself 🙂

Our Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop picnic spread

A selection of Maggie Beer’s products that will hopefully be sold in Holland one day!

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2 Responses to “Foodie detours of the Barossa Valley #1: Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop”
  1. Parsley Sage says:

    Awesome trip leading to an awesome restaurant! Great post 🙂

    • jennynoowyn says:

      Thanks! yeah it was definitely a memorable one… I just wish I could buy her products from Holland… think you can buy them from the UK and US…those lucky ducks!

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