Berlin city guide: How to blend in with the cool people (or try to)

I jumped at the chance to spend this last weekend in Berlin with Mikee, who had been there all week schmoozing with industry folk at Bread & Butter. I was really in the mood for a dose of Berlin’s attitude; you know, cool, laid-back, edgy yet stylishly hedonistic – the kind of attitude that cool people have. I was not let down.

To be honest I’m not sure if my top 10 hit list for Berlin even scratches the surface of the city, in fact I don’t think any top 10 hit list could – Berlin simply has too much to offer. I bet the other recommendations in my Google Map would have made it into my top 10 – if only I had the time see. Hopefully I’ll be back soon for another Berlin update!

*Tips for using the map: Clicking on the printer icon in Google Maps will bring up a list with images and details that you can print and take with you on your trip. You can also send the link to yourself and use your phone browser to view the map on the go – remember caching the map is the best thing to do to avoid spending a lot of money on data roaming!




I don’t know many people who would say no to a freshly baked potato and certainly not to one from BIXELS. Gourmet baked potatoes with chalkboard interiors, 1 communal table and Bob Dylan playing in the background is a nice dining concept indeed.

Best bit: Did I mention that it’s on my favourite boutique shopping street in Berlin? (Mulackstraße that is)

Trust Bar

Enter via an anonymous door on Torstrasse into a stripped down, gritty yet glamorous bar. The cool hedonistic crowd enjoys full bottles of Champagne, Vodka and Trust brand mixers.

Best bit: The “trust” concept gets taken 1 step further here – each bathroom cubicle has a sliding door to the next. Trust thy neighbour not to bust in while you’re peeing!

The Barn

You can tell the owner of The Barn is passionate about coffee and offering quality food. He serves single origin beans from some notable roasters like Stumptown and Denmark Coffee Collective. If you know your coffee you will appreciate this place.

Best bit: The coffee is the draw card but you will want to eat everything on display.


The perfect place to spend Sunday afternoon brunch with Kings of Convenience playing in the background. It’s bustling but warm and inviting.

Best bit: The interiors are what dream kitchens are made of.

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

Bare walls, sacks of coffee beans, a couple of bearded baristas making really good coffee is all you’ll get at this place. It’s worth a trip to Prenzlauer berg just to get one though.

Best bit: Simple. Cappuccino.

Das Neue Schwartz

Directly on one of Berlin’s most important fashion streets but tucked away so that only those in the know shop here. Ring a doorbell, enter through a courtyard and be greeted with some of the best avant-garde selections of vintage clothes, accessories and shoes from big-name designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Raf Simons, Bernhard Willhelm and Martin Margiela.

Best bit: These people have taste.


This infamous burger kiosk below the U-Bahn tracks is where Kreuzbergers go when in need of a late night chilli-cheese fries and burger fix. So bad but so good.

Best bit: It’s also open for lunch.

Feestsaal Kreuzberg

A nondescript tent below a busy underpass marks the entry of this club and music venue. Walk through and find a courtyard then a multi-storey, underground style club bringing a range of DJs an artists such as Floating Points – who we saw that night.

Best bit: A quality music policy from the posters I saw around the club.

14 oz. Store Berlin

Hands down the best men’s denim store in Berlin.

Best bit: Shopped out? Rest up with a coffee in their outdoor courtyard.

Manufactum Warenhaus Berlin

This place is special. A traditional general store selling high-end quality German products ranging from denims to home wares and foodstuffs.

Best bit: The well-selected stationary and art supplies section.

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8 Responses to “Berlin city guide: How to blend in with the cool people (or try to)”
  1. Juliet Obodo says:

    Reblogged this on Juliet C. Obodo and commented:
    A great and inspirational mini-guide to Berlin! Can’t wait to visit!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow you have such great taste and variety!

  3. Gina says:

    Hey I was at BBB too…
    Love Berlin. Good recommendations.

  4. t.on.air says:

    I am glad you guys enjoyed Berlin. Keep up the good work!

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