Paris city guide: What puts the “gay” in Gay-Paree

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to indulge in a girls-and-gay-best-friends weekend in Paris. The plan was to see and do as much as possible since one of the girls (Hoa) was a Paris virgin, but somehow we ended up spending most of our time at GBF’s place stuffing ourselves with foie gras and champagne in a very un-French fashion. Lucky for Hoa, Paris is one of those cities that draw you back again and again – it has done for me countless times.

I realise it sounds so very cliché visiting my GBF in gay-Paree to shop and eat as often as I do, but these frequent trips over the years have made Paris my home away from home and in turn have allowed me to put together a really considered Google Map and Top 10 list of my Parisian favourites for you to check out. Enjoy!

*Tips for using the map: Clicking on the printer icon in Google Maps will bring up a list with images and details that you can print and take with you on your trip. You can also send the link to yourself and use your phone browser to view the map on the go – remember caching the map is the best thing to do to avoid spending a lot of money on data roaming!




Perfect healthy hangover lunch spot. Fuel your body with organic Japanese fusion food and spoil yourself a little with one of their delightful cakes.

Best bit: Who said hangover-cures have to be greasy? All the organic veg and fresh juice will leave you hangover-free and ready to shop.


The idea for this apartment-style venue was to be able to entertain friends “at home” every night. The name comes from its location, right at the back of 404 (a great Morroccan restaurant) and Andy Wahloo (for drinking and dancing after dinner).

The décor and furniture are an eclectic mix of styles and the food is French, simple and wholesome.

Best bit: Diners can choose where they want to sit, whether it’s in the lounge, dining room, bedroom or boudoir. Smokers can smoke in the hidden library-slash-games room.


I randomly found my beloved Issac Reina leather coin purse in New York, wondered if I would ever see their products again, then stumbled across their flagship store in Le Marais – what luck!

Best bit: If you’re on the look out for beautiful crafted leather-goods, classically designed but with a modern, architectural twist, you will want to visit this store.


Where men with style shop for clothes.

Best bit: Surface to Air and APC are on either side of French Trotters – so no need to wait for your man!


A very un-Paris cafe. Reminds me of a cool cafe you would find in Melbourne, Stockholm or New York. The cappuccino is good too. They also bake their own cakes and if it’s on offer, don’t turn down the ridiculously moist coconut cake.

Best bit: Bohemian Paris and good coffee.


A trip to Paris is not the same without a trip to Surface to Air in Le Marais. Something about this shop makes me spend money each time I walk in.

Best bit: A Parisian Alexander Wang


This hole-in-the-wall specialises in Portuguese custard tarts and there’s a reason why they have an eager line waiting out front as soon as a fresh batch leaves the oven.

Best bit: They are ALWAYS fresh out of the oven.


Easily the best Pho in Paris. The metro ride out there and time spent waiting in line are well worth it.

Best bit: Simple. The Pho.


The best Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi) in Paris hands-down. A trip to Paris is not the same without one. If I don’t get the time I always stop past on the way (or out of the way) to the airport – a delicious plane snack 🙂

Best bit: French baguettes and French butter with Vietnamese fillings.


A really special place with a tangible creative spirit. The venue hosts club nights, lectures, art exhibitions, film screenings and concerts and even includes a restaurant.

Best bit: I can’t speak for the entire venue’s music policy but given I have been to see shows with Onra, Jessie Boykins III and Floating Points, I think I can safely say they have taste!

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4 Responses to “Paris city guide: What puts the “gay” in Gay-Paree”
  1. rich says:

    I know everybody has an opinion, but in mine, Paris is the greatest city on the planet. I don’t spend enough time there…

  2. t.on.air says:

    A very good list. Thanks for posting it, I will make sure to think about it when I am in Paris again!

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