Los Angeles city guide: Embrace your inner LA (with an egg-white omelette)

I was certain I’d hate LA with its sprawling suburbs, endless driving and plastic people. And maybe I’d still hate to live there but as a New Yorker for the last almost-year without a proper holiday, a long weekend in LA was the perfect way to de-stress and re-energise. Sure, there are those LA cliché’s like egg-white omelettes and cafes where the menu comprises of a list of positive affirmations but when you get past all of that you realise that LA is a city where you can really focus on your health, wellness and general enjoyment of life.

The beautiful Miss Neeza (one of my favourite ladies from Amsterdam) can take all the credit for instigating the trip but also for proving me wrong  about LA (without even trying!). You know those friends you have that have impeccable taste and holidaying with them means you can sit back relax and not even bother to do any pre-trip restaurant research? She’s one of them – she’s clearly awesome:

Jenny and Neeza

My new opinion of LA is that it’s “the good life” – sunshine, exercising outdoors, excellent food (rivalling NYC!) and valet parking. The city is like one big wellness spa!

I compiled a list of my LA favourites so that hopefully someone else can use it to enjoy a long weekend in LA like me!

LA Map

*Tips for using the map: Clicking on the printer icon in Google Maps will bring up a list with images and details that you can print and take with you on your trip. You can also send the link to yourself and use your phone browser to view the map on the go – remember caching the map is the best thing to do to avoid spending a lot of money on data roaming!





I didn’t want to go anywhere else for breakfast the whole time I was in LA. When you’re onto a good thing, stick to it, hey? 🙂

Flake makes simple delicious breakfasts that remind me of Australia (in-the-know breakfast lovers will know exactly what I mean by this comparison!)

Best Bit: RAD MUFFIN! It’s a gourmet egg muffin – take it one step further and add some avocado.

Flake: Los Angeles city guide: Embrace your inner LA (with an egg-white omelette)



Look at the picture and imagine eating lunch here when the sun is out and the sky is blue. Now imagine a cold beer in one hand and a fish taco in the other.

Best Bit: A vibe-y lunch spot and great place to kick off your long weekend

Cerveteca: Los Angeles city guide: Embrace your inner LA (with an egg-white omelette)



If you’re lucky you might know someone or know someone who knows someone who is kind enough to invite you to members-only SoHo House. Take the opportunity if you have it the buffet brunch selection is lavish.

Best Bit: The 360 views of West Hollywood’s swimming pools and palm trees.

Soho House



For well-made small sharing plates of fresh modern Mediterranean food and for a little bit of celebrity spotting.

Best Bit: Butterscotch pot de crème with salted caramel and crème fraiche. It’s to die for.




If you’re a lover of the Japanese interior aesthetic you will love this store

Best Bit: My indigo night carafe from Sugahara 🙂



A sweet roadside-cook-shop-style Caribbean restaurant with an even sweeter outdoor section (where you can really make use of that sunny spot)

Best Bit: Jerk Chicken baby!

Sunny Spot


Burger fanatics will argue passionately about who has the best burger: Shake Shack or Umami Burger. But that’s like arguing over which is the best city – NYC or LA, you can’t say till you’ve tried them both 🙂

Thankfully for New Yorkers, rumours of an Umami Burger NYC have been confirmed!

Best Bit: I think it’s a toss up between the Manly Burger and the Truffle Burger but than we’ll enter into another debate!

Umami Burger



Work off that delicious Umami Burger with a hike up to the Griffith Observatory. This is how LA folks actually spend their weekends! Jealous much?

Best Bit: The ridiculous view of LA and the Hollywood sign.

Griffith Observatory Hike

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  1. neeza says:

    awwwwww I heart you muchly Jenny Nguyen! I’m still missing you and have ventured into more places since you left with you in mind! For our next trip out here LOVE you my sista-from-anotha-motha, I’ll see you in NYC hopefully very soon! XXXXXX P/s: Bestia need to go on that list too (so bad that we missed it when you were here, I can vouch its Jenny-worthy!)

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