NYC Hotspot Find: The Heath at McKittrick Hotel

NYC Hotspot Find: The Heath at McKittrick Hotel |

THE HEATH AT MCKITTRICK HOTEL, CHELSEA Experience Sleep No More over dinner at the London theatre crew’s new restaurant “The Heath” at The McKittrick Hotel. They nod to their U.K roots by putting on a modern American interpretation of traditional British fare (delicious, by the way) but they add what they’re famous for – a … Continue reading

The Curators: Art Journalist Sara Schifano on her 5 NYC gallery staples

Liam Gillick at Casey Kaplan | NYC Top 5 Art Galleries Guide |

Everyone knows New York City is a mecca for art with all of its museums, galleries and art centres but not everyone knows where to look for it beyond the city’s more obvious and famous institutions. That’s why I decided to call upon art expert (and one of my best friends!), Sara Schifano to uncover … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Chop Shop

Zha Jiang Mian Noodles | NYC Hotspot Find: Chop Shop |

CHOP SHOP, CHELSEA This Chelsea restaurant serves up classic pan-Asian dishes elevated for a fussy New York audience with a decent price tag to match. Enjoy dining in the back garden (heated on chilly nights) and try to stop your mouth from watering over the menu of Chinese sausage fried rice with a fried egg … Continue reading

New York City guide: The coffee snob’s guide to NYC

Italians and Australians in my experience are two of the fussiest coffee drinkers in the world. And it just so happens that most of my friends living in NYC are either Australian, Italian, or people who have lived in Italy for a substantial time – basically; my friends are a bunch of coffee snobs. Since … Continue reading