New York City guide: 10 new restaurant obsessions

(Photo: Estela)

It’s been about 6 months since our last NYC restaurant round up… in New York time that is worth at least a year’s worth of restaurant research! So, it’s time for a new round up of 10 of our favourite restaurant haunts. Some of these restaurants are new, some are old, some are hotspots … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Degustation

NYC Hotspot Find: Degustation |

DEGUSTATION, EAST VILLAGE Spend the evening watching each dish from your degustation menu being prepared especially for you. You get everything you’d expect from a degustation here – creativity, delicacy, surprising and memorable flavours – except you pay $80 for 7 courses instead of $200. Best Bit: At Degustation, every table is a chef’s table. … Continue reading

The Wolvesmouth Dining Experience – Where Food Meets Art

The phrase “dining experience” is one that you see thrown around in restaurant reviews all the time and we all think we know that it means until we get to have a real dining experience – like the one I was lucky enough to have last night with Wolvesmouth X NYC. Wolvesmouth is an underground … Continue reading

A cocktail should do the trick…

OK, I am well aware that I have not written a blog post for over 6 months and this could be because I’m either lazy or in need of a holiday – I probably need a holiday. The idea compelled me trawl through iPhoto to reminisce of holidays gone by and remember the amazing food … Continue reading