New York City restaurant guide: Fifteen Favourites

It’s probably impossible to distil all NYC restaurants down to the best 15, but I’m ambitious so I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway.  Besides, it’s my blog so I can take it back if I change my mind. These restaurants are the top-15 that really impressed me in the 10 months I’ve … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Sushi Yasuda

NYC Hotspot Find: Sushi Yasuda |

SUSHI YASUDA, MIDTOWN Writing about Sushi Yasuda again is impossible. As soon as I start to write anything I just get annoyed that I’m not eating there right now. Best sushi I’ve ever eaten. Best Bit: Omakase, omakase, omakase 204 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017 (212) 972-1001   WE’RE SOCIAL AT MELTING … Continue reading

Sushi eating tips I learned from Mr. Yasuda

Mackerel sushi - Sanma and Kibinago

Sushi Yasuda is hands down, the best sushi experience I have ever had. It’s probable that this is because I have yet to visit Japan, but this does not devalue my opinion as Mikee, who visits Tokyo frequently, makes the same claim. The restaurant is notoriously strict with reservations. Not only do you have to … Continue reading