London Hotspot Find: Fernandez & Wells

London Hotspot Find: Fernandez & Wells |

FERNANDEZ & WELLS, LONDON SOHO You know those days where you didn’t eat lunch till 3pm and you’re not really in the mood for a full-blown dinner? But you still fancy sharing a bottle of red? It’s on these kinds of nights that Fernandez & Wells delivers. Grab a seat, a bottle of red, along … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Pearl & Ash

NYC Hotspot Find: Pearl & Ash |

PEARL & ASH, NOLITA When you dine in a restaurant with an inch-thick wine list you’d expect to be dropping some serious cash. You could go either way at Pearl & Ash, a progressive downtown wine bar serving up globally inspired small plates with a plenty of wow factor. For 10-15 bucks a plate and … Continue reading

Athens Hotspot Find: Oinoscent Cellar & Wine Bar

Athens Hotspot Find: Oinoscent Cellar & Wine Bar |

OINOSCENT: CELLAR & WINE BAR, STNTAGMA If Greek wine is as much of a mystery to you as it has been to me, head to Oinoscent – the first of this kind of new-school wine bar in the city. The staff here knows their wine and will give you well informed recommendations by the glass … Continue reading

Amsterdam Hotspot Find: DiVino Winebar

Amsterdam Hotspot Find: DiVino Winebar |

DiVINO WINEBAR An Italian wine bar that I happened to stumble across when it had just opened a few years back – and what a find! The perfect cozy spot for a simple Italian dinner with friends in the wintertime. Best bit: There’s no real menu, the chef makes what he’s feeling for the day … Continue reading