Amsterdam Hotspot Find: Tenue De Nimes |
Stockholm Hotspot Find: Coffice |

Stockholm Hotspot Find: Coffice

Coffice is the place to go in Stockholm for excellent quality barista coffee made by award winning baristas. This café has some serious coffee cred since its run by the owners of Drop Coffee who are arguably the best roasters in Sweden. But Coffice has a much fresher concept than your average café. Inside you’ll … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Present & Correct |

London Hotspot Find: Present & Correct

What began as a cult online store selling a curated selection of the coolest stationery from around the world is now a bricks and mortar shop located in a quaint residential street of Clerkenwell, London. The Present & Correct store is not only a stationery geek’s dream come true it’s also a stylist’s source of … Continue reading

Amsterdam Hotspot Find: Property Of… |

Amsterdam Hotspot Find: Property Of…

You know that urban guy, the one whose style could be described as refined ruggedness? He’s picky and conscious of style and he likes the finer things in life like top shelf liquors and a handcrafted shaving kit. Well he’s probably the same kind of guy who’ll like Amsterdam’s Property Of… store situated on the … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Mozzarella e Vino |

NYC Hotspot Find: Mozzarella e Vino

Midtown has got to be one of my least favourite dining destinations in NYC. I’m pretty sure local New Yorkers and tourists alike have gone for an inspiring trip to MoMa, left feeling famished with zero decent restaurant options (that don’t equal the price of a limb). Enter Mozzarella e Vino a casual yet elegant enoteca specialising in … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Future Perfect |

NYC Hotspot Find: The Future Perfect

This rule-breaking furniture and home store is a true beacon for design lovers in NYC to find progressive, intelligent interior objects that bridge the gap between art and design. Walking inside the spacious interior you could mistake yourself for being inside a serene, thought provoking art gallery with large format furniture pieces from the likes … Continue reading

April Spotify Playlist: New Jungle, Schoolboy Q, MF Doom & More… |

April Spotify Playlist: New Jungle, Schoolboy Q, MF Doom & More…

Each month at Melting Butter, a new SoundCloud and Spotify playlist gets posted with a tightly edited selection of the best new and classic tracks geared towards music snobs. To get notified as soon as they are released, make sure you subscribe to Melting Butter’s Twitter or Facebook. April’s Spotify playlist features the new track … Continue reading

April SoundCloud Playlist: New Adi Dick remixes, Onra, Romare and More.. |

April SoundCloud Playlist: New Adi Dick remixes, Onra, Romare and More…

Each month at Melting Butter, a new SoundCloud and Spotify playlist gets posted with a tightly edited selection of the best new and classic tracks geared towards music snobs. To get notified as soon as they are released, make sure you subscribe to Twitter or Facebook. April’s SoundCloud playlist features Adi Dick’s smooth as silk … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Ace Hotel |

NYC Hotspot Find: Ace Hotel

ACE HOTEL NEW YORK, MIDTOWN WEST The Ace Hotel is the perfect spot for young creative types travelling to NYC.  Not surprisingly, the hotel also attracts local creative freelancers, hipsters and cool kids who come to hang out in the lobby, work on their latest magazine stories while sipping on a Stumptown latte and taking … Continue reading

Stockholm Hotspot Find: Papercut |

Stockholm Hotspot Find: Papercut

PAPERCUT, SÖDERMALM Papercut is a magazine junkie’s paradise situated in the bohemian Södermalm district of central Stockholm. The store is your go-to for inspiration on fashion, art, design, literature, film and pop culture – it’s Stockholm’s source for niche underground publications. Best Bit:Access to hard to get international magazines like Smith Journal and The Paris … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Fernandez & Wells |

London Hotspot Find: Fernandez & Wells

FERNANDEZ & WELLS, LONDON SOHO You know those days where you didn’t eat lunch till 3pm and you’re not really in the mood for a full-blown dinner? But you still fancy sharing a bottle of red? It’s on these kinds of nights that Fernandez & Wells delivers. Grab a seat, a bottle of red, along … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Rochelle Canteen |

London Hotspot Find: Rochelle Canteen

ROCHELLE CANTEEN, SHOREDITCH Eating lunch at Rochelle Canteen is strictly for those in the know or those with in the know friends. Entry into the restaurant is granted by buzzing an unmarked door nestled in the walls of an old Victorian school situated on Arnold Circus in Shoreditch. Stepping through the door, you’ll likely experience … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Flinders Lane |

NYC Hotspot Find: Flinders Lane

FLINDERS LANE, EAST VILLAGE It took dinner at Flinders Lane to realise how much I’ve missed the food back home in Australia. If you’re lucky enough to have travelled there, you’ll know modern Australian cuisine as a beautiful multicultural collision that takes the best from South East Asia, Greece, Italy and even India with British … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Shoreditch Grind |

London Hotspot Find: Shoreditch Grind

SHOREDITCH GRIND, OLD STREET Conveniently located directly on the Old Street station roundabout is Shoreditch Grind a third wave, artisanal café by day and a cocktail bar by night. Is it just me? Or is that a genius idea? A trip to Shoreditch Grind will have you sipping on a flat white (these guys are … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: One Leicester Street Hotel |

London Hotspot Find: One Leicester Street Hotel

ONE LEICESTER STREET HOTEL, LEICESTER SQUARE Having to stay amongst the throngs of tourists in Central London might be a necessary evil but now there is a sanctuary you can escape to located right on the doorstep of Leicester Square of all places. One Leicester Street is a boutique design-led hotel offering guests an affordable … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Hostem |

London Hotspot Find: Hostem

HOSTEM, SHOREDITCH Hostem is the kind of store you would travel from afar to see. Different from other luxury fashion boutiques that attract the ostentatious fashion crowd, this one attracts an intellectual art crowd looking for quiet, directional clothing that speaks to the Hostem customer’s minimalist, and even androgynous aesthetic. Inspiration kicks in as soon … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Ace Hotel Shoreditch |

London Hotspot Find: Ace Hotel Shoreditch

ACE HOTEL, LONDON SHOREDITCH It was about time The Ace Hotel opened its London outpost and when they finally did, they did it well. Naturally, the hotel is located in Shoreditch, London’s most creatively inclined neighbourhood and of course like the other Ace properties, the hotel also serves as a platform for the local and … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Duck Soup |

London Hotspot Find: Duck Soup

DUCK SOUP, SOHO Duck Soup is a buzzing London restaurant where the chefs turn out simple food made with restraint. In fact, everything about this hotspot is pared-back, even the surrounds are minimal, probably deliberately so to showcase their honest food. The restaurant is inspired by the neighbourhood eateries of provincial France but with an … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Experimental Cocktail Club |

London Hotspot Find: Experimental Cocktail Club

EXPERIMENTAL COCKTAIL CLUB, LONDON CHINATOWN Positioned across 3 floors of an old Chinatown townhouse is the London edition of the Experimental Cocktail Club, a prohibition bar offering shi-shi Londoners a sophisticated way to start off (or end) their evenings. The people lingering outside could be mistaken for those waiting in line for Chinese food next … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: L’Entrepot |

London Hotspot Find: L’Entrepot

L’ENTREPOT, HACKNEY What goes together better than food and wine? Nothing right? So to me, it makes complete sense for an independent wine merchant like Borough Wines, known in London for their excellently edited wine selection, to open an adjoining rustic French eatery. It also leaves me questioning why more boutique wine sellers aren’t doing … Continue reading

March SoundCloud Playlist: With A New, Long Awaited Little Dragon Treat |

March SoundCloud Playlist: With A New, Long Awaited Little Dragon Treat

I squealed a little the day “Klapp Klapp” by Swedish band Little Dragon was finally released. It only took one listen to convince me that their new album Nabuma Rubberband would follow suit and be a winner. Just making it in as the last track of the March SoundCloud playlist, Klapp Klapp delivers on all … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Joseph Leonard |

NYC Hotspot Find: Joseph Leonard

JOSEPH LEONARD, WEST VILLAGE Brunch at Joseph Leonard can be likened to attending your cool stylist friend’s brunch party. You feel slightly jealous as you enter into her tiny but bright West Village apartment filled with all the curious antiques she’s discovered on her travels. You can’t help but notice how she seems to have … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Creatures of Comfort |

NYC Hotspot Find: Creatures of Comfort

CREATURES OF COMFORT, NOLITA I like to think of Creatures of Comfort as a more tightly curated, unobtrusively fashionable version of Opening Ceremony. The NYC store (an offshoot of the original LA location) offers New Yorkers looking for thoughtful casualwear by cult fashion labels like Rachel Comey, Isabel Marant, Acne, Margiela and Hope, a way … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Hi-Collar |

NYC Hotspot Find: Hi-Collar

HI-COLLAR, EAST VILLAGE I keep saying “this is my new favourite restaurant” but this time it really is, promise. Hi-Collar is one of those no-details-spared Japanese hotspots. It’s a Parisian-inspired cafe by day and restaurant/sake bar by night. The place literally transforms as soon as the barman stealthily slides the wall-to-wall cabinet door to reveal … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Saxon + Parole |

NYC Hotspot Find: Saxon + Parole

SAXON + PAROLE, NOHO Saxon + Parole is a solid NoHo restaurant where you can expect an excellent meal with a memorable bottle of wine. You’ll even enjoy all of it in the restaurant’s lively atmosphere with its sophisticated NoHo crowd. Meat-lovers’ ears will prick up when they hear the specials because there’s bound to … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Hide-Chan Ramen |

NYC Hotspot Find: Hide-Chan Ramen

HIDE-CHAN RAMEN, MIDTOWN Midtown is pretty much the most uninspiring place in Manhattan to work if you’re looking for an exciting lunch. But there is a hidden secret that office workers in the eastern mid-50’s have been guarding closely for a while now. Hide-Chan Ramen, a franchise hailing all the way from Tokyo (and sister … Continue reading