NYC Hotspot Find: Hide-Chan Ramen

NYC Hotspot Find: Hide-Chan Ramen |

HIDE-CHAN RAMEN, MIDTOWN Midtown is pretty much the most uninspiring place in Manhattan to work if you’re looking for an exciting lunch. But there is a hidden secret that office workers in the eastern mid-50’s have been guarding closely for a while now. Hide-Chan Ramen, a franchise hailing all the way from Tokyo (and sister … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Ramen Setagaya

NYC Hotspot Find: Ramen Setagaya |

RAMEN SETAGAYA, EAST VILLAGE NYC probably has more ramen restaurants than any other city outside of Japan so I think I can forgive myself for letting this one slip my mind for a year. I revisited Ramen Setagaya recently (this time with a lot more NYC ramen experience under my belt) and I was majorly … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Ippudo Westside

Akumaru Modern Ramen | NYC Hotspot Find: Ippudo Westside |

IPPUDO WESTSIDE, MIDTOWN There are 2 reasons why you should be excited about Ippudo Westside: A far shorter wait for your favourite Ippudo ramen (30 minutes is better than 3 hours) The idea of Midtown becoming a good ramen neighbourhood is developing into a reality (now when Totto Ramen is too busy, just walk around … Continue reading