NYC Hotspot Find: Hi-Collar

NYC Hotspot Find: Hi-Collar |

HI-COLLAR, EAST VILLAGE I keep saying “this is my new favourite restaurant” but this time it really is, promise. Hi-Collar is one of those no-details-spared Japanese hotspots. It’s a Parisian-inspired cafe by day and restaurant/sake bar by night. The place literally transforms as soon as the barman stealthily slides the wall-to-wall cabinet door to reveal … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Hide-Chan Ramen

NYC Hotspot Find: Hide-Chan Ramen |

HIDE-CHAN RAMEN, MIDTOWN Midtown is pretty much the most uninspiring place in Manhattan to work if you’re looking for an exciting lunch. But there is a hidden secret that office workers in the eastern mid-50’s have been guarding closely for a while now. Hide-Chan Ramen, a franchise hailing all the way from Tokyo (and sister … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Bohemian

NYC Hotspot Find: Bohemian |

BOHEMIAN NYC | NOHO Hidden behind Japan Premium Beef on Great Jones Street, lays a Japanese restaurant shrouded in secrecy – an almost impossible feat in a city run by publicity and where speakeasies and members clubs are a dime-a-dozen. Somehow though, Bohemian pulls off the member’s only restaurant concept in a way that weeds out … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Ramen Setagaya

NYC Hotspot Find: Ramen Setagaya |

RAMEN SETAGAYA, EAST VILLAGE NYC probably has more ramen restaurants than any other city outside of Japan so I think I can forgive myself for letting this one slip my mind for a year. I revisited Ramen Setagaya recently (this time with a lot more NYC ramen experience under my belt) and I was majorly … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Ippudo Westside

Akumaru Modern Ramen | NYC Hotspot Find: Ippudo Westside |

IPPUDO WESTSIDE, MIDTOWN There are 2 reasons why you should be excited about Ippudo Westside: A far shorter wait for your favourite Ippudo ramen (30 minutes is better than 3 hours) The idea of Midtown becoming a good ramen neighbourhood is developing into a reality (now when Totto Ramen is too busy, just walk around … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Beyond Sushi

Enoki Nigiri | NYC Hotspot Find: Beyond Sushi |

BEYOND SUSHI, EAST VILLAGE When I read there was a place in NYC serving up the most creatively constructed vegan sushi, I knew I wanted to try it. I also knew I’d have to fail to mention the vegan part to my man and just hope for the best when we got there. The two … Continue reading

Sydney Hotspot Find: Nom

Sydney Hotspot Find: Nom |

NOM, DARLINGHURST A hole in the wall Japanese Izakaya that I probably wouldn’t tell you about if I lived in Sydney for fear of not being able to get a seat. Run by a mother and daughter team from Tokyo and frequented by Japanese locals – its as authentic as you can get. Best Bit: … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Sobakoh

NYC Hotspot Find: Sobakoh |

SOBAKOH, EAST VILLAGE As soon as you walk into Sobakoh you will know you’re in good hands when it comes to Soba noodle authenticity. Not only are about 50% of the patrons and 100% of the staff Japanese, but you can also see and feel that fanatical Japanese sensibility everywhere from the service, the ingredients … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Robataya

NYC Hotspot Find: Robataya |

ROBATAYA, EAST VILLAGE Robataya hails as my proudest restaurant find in NYC. It’s a 9th Street Japanese restaurant that can easily be overlooked with all the others on the same street vying for your attention but if you are lucky enough to stumble in you’ll be rewarded with the mouth-watering smell of Japanese BBQ and … Continue reading

Athens & Greek Islands city guide: A Greek local’s perspective

We were pretty excited when we found out our good friends Tim & Bri were getting married and I must admit I was even more excited when we found out it was going to be in Athens, Greece with an open invitation to crash part of their honeymoon in the Greek Islands – Hello Grecian … Continue reading

Santorini Hotspot Find: Ginger Sushi Lounge

Santorini Hotspot Find: Ginger Sushi Lounge |

GINGER SUSHI LOUNGE, FIRA After eating Greek food for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the last night of the holiday I needed some cultural variety (spoiled New Yorker here). I was wary about having Chinese, Italian or any other cuisine the Greek’s aren’t exactly known for being masters at. Then logic steered me to Japanese … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Momo Sushi Shack

NYC Hotspot Find: Momo Sushi Shack |

MOMO SUSHI SHACK, BUSHWICK If this place were in Manhattan, you’d never be able to get in. The restaurant mixes American heirloom ingredients with traditional Japanese cooking methods, which results in something that leaves the whole table fighting for who gets the last piece. Best Bit: The owner’s passion comes through, especially when you get … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Sushi Yasuda

NYC Hotspot Find: Sushi Yasuda |

SUSHI YASUDA, MIDTOWN Writing about Sushi Yasuda again is impossible. As soon as I start to write anything I just get annoyed that I’m not eating there right now. Best sushi I’ve ever eaten. Best Bit: Omakase, omakase, omakase 204 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017 (212) 972-1001   WE’RE SOCIAL AT MELTING … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Blue Ribbon Sushi

NYC Hotspot Find: Blue Ribbon Sushi |

BLUE RIBBON SUSHI, SOHO Let the skilled sushi chefs of Blue Ribbon amaze you with their creativity and order the omakase menu, which allows the chef to create a gorgeous platter of the best fish for the day. Best Bit: The moment your eyes light up when the waiter brings this (↑) to your table … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Ippudo

NYC Hotspot Find: Ippudo |

IPPUDO, EAST VILLAGE My first love in New York is Ippudo. I’ve only ever ordered 2 things on their menu and been there at least 20 times. Those 2 things are so satisfying that all of my friends and I are not tempted to even try anything else (see proof in the picture) Best Bit: … Continue reading

Sushi eating tips I learned from Mr. Yasuda

Mackerel sushi - Sanma and Kibinago

Sushi Yasuda is hands down, the best sushi experience I have ever had. It’s probable that this is because I have yet to visit Japan, but this does not devalue my opinion as Mikee, who visits Tokyo frequently, makes the same claim. The restaurant is notoriously strict with reservations. Not only do you have to … Continue reading