NYC Hotspot Find: Ace Hotel

NYC Hotspot Find: Ace Hotel |

ACE HOTEL NEW YORK, MIDTOWN WEST The Ace Hotel is the perfect spot for young creative types travelling to NYC.  Not surprisingly, the hotel also attracts local creative freelancers, hipsters and cool kids who come to hang out in the lobby, work on their latest magazine stories while sipping on a Stumptown latte and taking … Continue reading

London Hotspot Find: Ace Hotel Shoreditch

London Hotspot Find: Ace Hotel Shoreditch |

ACE HOTEL, LONDON SHOREDITCH It was about time The Ace Hotel opened its London outpost and when they finally did, they did it well. Naturally, the hotel is located in Shoreditch, London’s most creatively inclined neighbourhood and of course like the other Ace properties, the hotel also serves as a platform for the local and … Continue reading

Boston Hotspot Find: Ames Boston Hotel

Boston Hotspot Find: Ames Boston Hotel |

AMES BOSTON HOTEL, BOSTON Boston isn’t known for its fashion forwardness or for being the most cutting edge design and style oriented town. So if you’re a trendy New Yorker or a bit of a design buff visiting Boston to experience its old world charm, you might prefer to stay amongst the visually appealing modern creature … Continue reading