NYC Hotspot Find: Mozzarella e Vino

NYC Hotspot Find: Mozzarella e Vino |

Midtown has got to be one of my least favourite dining destinations in NYC. I’m pretty sure local New Yorkers and tourists alike have gone for an inspiring trip to MoMa, left feeling famished with zero decent restaurant options (that don’t equal the price of a limb). Enter Mozzarella e Vino a casual yet elegant enoteca specialising in … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: The 303 at Louie and Chan

NYC Hotspot Find: The 303 at Louie and Chan |

THE 303 AT LOUIE AND CHAN, LOWER EAST SIDE This brand-new restaurant and basement bar/music room concept is exactly what discerning New Yorkers have been looking for. I for one am celebrating its arrival to the downtown Manhattan scene. Here’s how your night at Louie and Chan is going to play out – a pre-dinner … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Reynard at the Wythe Hotel

NYC Hotspot Find: Reynard at the Wythe Hotel |

REYNARD, WILLIAMSBURG This quintessentially Brooklyn eatery owned by the people who brought us Roman’s (which for the record is one of my favourite NYC restaurants) offers its diners a grown up Williamsburg vibe, quality, unfussy food and a free pass to skip the line for a cocktail on the Wythe Hotel rooftop. Best Bit: Oyster … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Perla

NYC Hotspot Find: Perla |

PERLA, GREENWICH VILLAGE Situated in a little nook of Greenwich Village is Perla, an impressive New York restaurant that serves up adventurous, red-blooded Italian fare. Meat is the point of this restaurant and is what makes head chef Michael Toscano famous in restaurant circles. He’s rightfully known for his bold and earthy treatment of offal-based … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Spicy Village

NYC Hotspot Find: Spicy Village |

SPICY VILLAGE, CHINATOWN I discovered Spicy Village after (frustratingly) never being able to get a table at Mission Chinese Restaurant and subsequently finding a Nowness film of Danny Bowien (Mission Chinese’s owner/chef) talking about Spicy Village as the NYC Chinese restaurant that inspired him the most. When I ate at Spicy Village my frustrations melted … Continue reading

NYC Hotspot Find: Roman’s

NYC Hotspot Find: Roman’s |

ROMAN’S, FORT GREENE Roman’s is arguably the best restaurant in Brooklyn (and maybe even New York) and probably deserves a whole blog entry unto itself. No other restaurant we’ve been to consistently serves up eye-rolling-ly good modern Italian food like Roman’s does. Best Bit: I could wholeheartedly recommend you anything on their menu and be … Continue reading

New York City guide: The coffee snob’s guide to NYC

Italians and Australians in my experience are two of the fussiest coffee drinkers in the world. And it just so happens that most of my friends living in NYC are either Australian, Italian, or people who have lived in Italy for a substantial time – basically; my friends are a bunch of coffee snobs. Since … Continue reading

Eataly inspired long fusilli with Italian sausages

During our visit to Eataly in New York, we ate a very memorable plate of fusilli with ragu. The fusilli was long like a long unravelled phone cord making each bite an extraordinary textural experience where your mouth feels the pasta spring out, filling it with the flavoursome ragu and the al-dente pasta. We had … Continue reading